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Agape Faith Church held its first service on Sunday, March 7, 1982.

From a humble beginning about 40 years ago in a small storefront with 44 people, we have grown into a vibrant, thriving, multi-racial congregation. Obediently pursuing God's direction to establish a church ``overflowing with love, strengthening the family, bettering the community, and affecting the world, where every member is a minister,`` Pastor JB and Susan Whitfield still bring the uncompromising Word of God to Clemmons and the surrounding areas.

Unsuitable Land

In 1985, God directed Pastor Whitfield to purchase 13 acres of land even though it was full of sandstone and would not support a septic system, making it unsuitable to build upon. Pastor, Susan, and several church members walked the land and prayed after the purchase.


They continued to find themselves gathering together in the same location, near a group of seven rocks. By the Holy Spirit, Susan asked Pastor to strike the rock with a stick and command the soil to be changed. Like Moses in the desert, Pastor struck the rock and thanked God for changing the soil.

Standing In Faith

In faith, Pastor called the Department of Environmental Health and asked them to come out and test the soil, even though it had been tested and failed three previous times. They agreed to come one last time under one condition: They would dig ten holes and at least seven had to pass.

Answered Prayer

After digging the third hole without finding any sandstone, the officials were perplexed. Pastor explained to those confused officials, who were so sure they would find sandstone in the first hole, that they had prayed and asked God to change the soil, AND HE HAD!

The Miracle Of The Seven Rocks

Needless to say, the required seven test holes passed. And they were all located around the seven rocks where prayer and praise was offered up to God. You can still see the seven rocks today near the entrance of the Youth Building as a memorial that God is still a miracle-working God! The ``Miracle of the Seven Rocks`` only serves to remind us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! By obediently trusting in a faithful God, Agape Faith Church continues to share the Word, minister to needs, and change lives! Just as the Lord changed the soil, He will change your life too so He can build upon a solid foundation. We look forward to meeting you soon!


We are a church overflowing with love and faith...


Agape Faith Church held its first service on Sunday, March 7, 1982...


We have 7 pastoral staff, among many other employees...